Sears Retail Hackathon
Posted On Aug 27 2015

Last month, an Atomic Infotech team entered the Sears Retail Hackathon, sponsored by Sears, Apigee and Apptentive, and organized by Brand Garage. The hackathon took place the weekend of July 24th-26th 2015, at the Startup Hall on the University of Washington Campus.

At the end of the weekend, we were selected as the second-place finisher, with a $1,000 cash prize, narrowly missing the $10,000 grand prize.

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Pawn 1 Website Launch
Posted On Apr 27 2015

We're happy to announce the recent launch of the Pawn 1 website.

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The History Of Barcodes
Posted On Mar 25 2015

Here at Atomic, we work with many retailers and barcodes are a big part of retail. We help print, scan and use barcodes almost daily, but rarely give it much though. The simple format of the barcode is so ubiquitous in everyday life and has been for so long that it is hard to remember a time whenthey did not exist. The existence and acceptance of the barcode in retail is pretty much second nature. We had always interacted and used barcodes and the data contained, but we never really knew the history of these small, cryptic lines. In fact, the history is actually pretty fascinating.

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Bakstad Construction Website Launch
Posted On Mar 14 2015

Most of the work we do at Atomic goes unseen by the general public--we develop software and tools that are typically used internally by our clients.

Lately though, we've been doing a lot more traditional web development work. We're happy to announce the recent launch of one of our latest projects, a website for Bakstad Construction.

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Seattle Startup Week
Posted On Oct 23 2014

Organized by UP Global – a non-profit headquartered at the University of Washington – startup weeks serve to showcase some of the resources available to startups, as well as providing exposure to the ideas and innovators that will shape the future. UP helps coordinate startup weeks around the world, from the tech-rich areas of North America, to South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and East Asia.

For those not well versed in the burgeoning startup community in Seattle, this was a crash course. In addition to the many events of startup week, the organizers of developer week Seattle coordinated their events to coincide with startup week Seattle, thus providing a plethora of technical events to compliment the business and entrepreneurship events. In total, there were over 80 events around Seattle crammed into a 5 day span, typically running from 8 AM until after 9 PM each night.

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Meraki recently announced a new feature that we think is pretty cool: you can now grant visitors guest Wi-Fi access if they check in to your location on Facebook.

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New Atomic Infotech Demo Reel
Posted On Apr 16 2013

"What exactly does Atomic Infotech do?" is a common question that we field. Sometimes it is easier to show than tell, so we created a short 'demo reel' that can give viewers a sense of the of the tools we've built and projects we've been a part of.

We were able to highlight of the consulting and custom development work that we do, including mobile data collection used for filling out forms, performing audits and inventories. We also show some of the features of our flagship product Core, an intranet platform for mulit-unit retailers that provides a suite of reporting and collaboration tools.

We have some new videos and demonstrations coming out shortly, so subscribe to the Atomic Infotech YouTube Channel to be kept up-to-date.

Mud Bay Storefinder
Posted On Apr 1 2013

Mud Bay recently asked us to help them with a create a store locator that they can use in thier marketing communications. Specifically, a valuable information and coupons kit is provided to new owners that adopt pets from animal shelters, and the Mud Bay marketing team wanted a way to make it easier for people to visit one a local store. We provided a tool that allows users to scan a QR code to quickly find the closest location. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
Posted On Dec 11 2012

Here are some of our favorite podcasts that can help entrepreneurs, but aren't specifically about business. All are free and can be found in iTunes or Android stores.

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At Atomic we do a lot of consulting, as well as develop software and tools, and we end up getting a unique perspective on helpdesk and support teams.  

One of the things that we're consistently surprised with is how many (very large) companies aren't even using a helpdesk ticket system for support queues.  Even in IT departments, where ticket queues are pretty commonly implemented, we've seen some very large companies with whole teams of support engineers that use email to report, respond and delegate.  We've even seen 800 numbers that ring 5 different phones (imagine what that sounds like in a crisis).  Smaller companies often fall back to a mix of email, text messaging and phone calls.

The problem with all of these ad-hoc systems is that make it hard to triage, lack accountability, collaborate on, and are extremely difficult to scale.  Most of the time it is pretty easy to see how things got so bad--originally was a single support person that organically grew into a bigger team, and not a lot of thought went into building a better, more scalable support model.

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