San Diego

Our favorite places in San Diego

Little Italy, San Diego, CA

Ramen with an american twist, and great west-coast beer selection. They are open late so it is a great after-show stop. We are here at least once per trip.

Little Italy, San Diego, CA

Fun tiki-bar hidden behind a secret door in Craft & Commerce. Get a reservation as it fills up fast.

Our top venues & events in San Diego Metro Area (CA)

Home of Comic Con, TwitchCon, Dreamhack and many other events. We've been here a lot.

Super cool building and a great venue.

The biggest comic convention in the world, and a pop-culture phenomenon.

TwitchCon is a celebration of everything Twitch, from the streamers and their communities, to the developers who make the games we love. We've produced TwitchCon in San Diego, Long Beach, and Amsterdam.

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