Our favorite places in Seattle

Capital Hill Seattle, WA

When we aren't on the road, NUE is a great place to rekindle some fond memories. Think all the great street food but in one place.

All Over Seattle

When our posse is hungry, and its late, we hit up a Dicks location. A Seattle icon.


Mexican food that reminds us of some of the great restaurants in Mexico City. Top notch.

Our top venues & events in Seattle / Tacoma Area (WA)

Home of Pax Prime, and many other events like the NWES, Emerald City Comic Con, and more.

With 280k sql feet adjacent to Lumen Field many of Seattle's larger conventions are held here: Seattle Boat Show, Home Show and Auto Show

Also adjacent to Lumen Field, an excellent choice for large corporate events. Was home to the Halo World Championships.


The largest and most famous theater in Seattle. Conveniently located next to the convention center so is often used as overflow events for major conventions.


Original home Valve's DOTA 2 : The International. Symphony Hall.

Downtown / SODO

Two locations in Seattle, primarily music venues, although we have held a number of smaller corporate and esports events.


A production soundstage that is also a great location for corporate events. We produced a Forzra Racing Championship event here.


Meydebauser the only convention center on the east side of Lake Washington. Home of the Bellevue Arts Fair, and many other events.

Georgetown / SODO

Our home venue. The top Esports venue in Seattle. Live production & broadcast for corporate and esports events.

PAX West

PAX Prime, where it all staretd. The biggest video game convention in the United States

Seattle's biggest comic convention has a style all its own

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