AWS Global AI Tour

December 28 2023

How we helped AWS produce a global tour to showcase their AI technologies.

The Challenge

In 2023, AWS approached Atomic to lend support to their Global Artificial Intelligence Program. This collaboration aimed at engaging governments, particularly as AI technologies gained prominence in public discourse and the regulatory landscape grew more intricate.

Our Solution

Atomic assumed responsibility for various facets of the program including: set and stage design and fabrication, audio and visual elements, broadcast management, post-production, graphics package creation, workshops, and speaker management.

Additionally, Atomic took charge of an independent activation named AWS DeepRacer Student. Under this initiative, post-secondary students were carefully selected to program autonomous racing vehicles and participate in an exhibition. This exhibition served as a platform to showcase the importance of AI and machine learning skills to policymakers.

The Client

Our Roles

  • Event Management
  • Broadcast Engineering
  • Broadcast Production
  • Fabrication & branding
  • Equipment Rental
  • Hardware Deployment
  • Technical Direction
  • Event Photography
  • Broadcast Stream Engineering
  • Graphics & Playback

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