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Posted On Oct 15, 2017

Amazon Game Studios needed to maximize exposure for a new game during Gamescom, the world’s largest video game convention. Learn how Atomic built a self-service kiosk that VIP influencers used to quickly setup and control their Twitch webcasts with a press of a button.


Amazon needed an easier way for guest casters to stream the new Breakaway title to their audiences live from the Breakaway exhibit at Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Amazon asked us how they can improve the guest casting experience at live events by reducing the amount of time and effort required to setup each platform prior to each new broadcast. We needed to simplify and streamline the process.


We developed the GuestStream workflow, a customizable streaming application that makes guest casting simple and seamless by consolidating the configuration of multiple platforms into a single user login.

By authenticating the GuestStream app with a user’s streaming platform credentials, the GuestStream application automatically provisions the streaming production software with the user’s streaming service account settings, your event promotional assets, and updates the event stream information in the user’s streaming account. The hardware control panel gives users one-touch dynamic control over hundreds of stream commands.

Distribute content across multiple platforms to reach more of your audience. Choose from Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Da Cast or any other streaming platform and broadcast your content simultaneously to get the most impact out of your content.

Consolidated Setup Requirements

  • Imports stream key into the streaming production software
  • Configures streaming output settings in the streaming production software
  • Configures the streaming production software sources
  • Configures the streaming production software scenes
  • Activates stream deck keypad configuration
  • Sign into Twitch account
  • Updates stream title on Twitch
  • Updates game title on Twitch

Customizable Live Stream Window

  • Tailored Graphic Theme
  • Live Stream Viewer
  • Live Chat Integration
  • 1-Touch Keypad Quick Reference

Control Panel Hardware Integration

By integrating the control panel hardware, user’s can switch scenes, launch media, activate overlays, adjust audio, start/stop the stream and more with the touch of a button on the keypad.

  • Customized macro keypad for one-touch control of stream commands - tailored to the demands of your event stream
  • Custom graphics for each LCD key
  • Seamless integration with streaming production software and the AIT App

Think the GuestStream workflow would be awesome for your next project? Give us a shout!

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