Meta Virtual Game Day

December 8 2021

How we helped Meta virtualize an annual employee morale event during the global pandemic.

The Challenge

After nearly two years of remote work for employees, Meta wanted to put on an event that aligned with the company's long-term vision and encouraged employees to relax and have fun. With a nod to Game Days of the past, Virtual Game Day needed to include remote, digital, and virtual experiences.

In addition to creating content and producing an engaging broadcast, we also needed to build a web portal that served as a central meeting space and jumping-off point for all activities. The site needed to be visually appealing and integrate neatly with Meta's company intranet.

Our Solution

We started by exploring a broad range of ideas for activities and narrowing it down to a set of eight that were feasible on our tight timeline and that provided the most value and variety to accommodate a range of interests among employees. These eight options included a talent show, a live-hosted trivia game show, a Beat Saber competition, a virtual scavenger hunt with prizes, a large pixel mural that anyone could add to, a virtual escape room, two professional workshops, and an AR photo booth. Meta also added the ability for employees and contractors to preview Facebook gaming's newest game.

Virtual Game Day was hosted at different times in each of Meta's four core regions - Singapore, London, São Paulo, and Menlo Park, California. Even though it was a single global event, each region had its own host. Employees were encouraged to participate in their regional event, as well as in additional regions if they wanted to collaborate with colleagues or participate in an experience that was already at maximum capacity in their region. The web portal that we built, as well as the "choose-your-own-adventure" format, made it easy for employees to explore all options and participate as much or as little as they wanted.

The Client

Our Roles

  • Broadcast Production
  • Website Development
  • Remote Intercom
  • Interactive Game Show
  • Custom Graphics
  • Studio Production
  • Talent Management
  • Gamification

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