Pawn 1 Website Launch

Posted On Apr 27, 2015


We're happy to announce the recent launch of the Pawn 1 website.

From a design perspective, we had a major challenge: How do we make the site both very consumer-friend personable, but also convey gravitas and legitimacy of a financial institution?

An obvious approach is to attempt to emulate design cues from other retail financial institutions like banks, credit unions or even credit card companies. Most of these financial institutions really miss the boat though on the personal touch—and it was important to Pawn 1 to create a comfortable first impression.

Lots of folks have a preconceived notion of what a pawn shop is supposed to be. Due to some negative connotations in the industry, it can be difficult to get a first-time customers to come into a store and see Pawn 1’s well-lit, organized and clean stores. Having the virtual tour was really a big part of resetting customer expectations of how Pawn 1 is different from other Pawn shops.

We ended up going with a mobile-friendly and highly visual approach, which is a pretty big departure from traditional financial websites. Let us know what you think.

Retail is such a big part of Pawn 1, and several of their locations feature a "store within a store” concept. Many of the Pawn 1 locations have a Music Corner, Dottie’s Discount Jewelry store, and some have both. Music Corner features a large selection of new and used music gear. The Music Corners stores in Pawn 1 locations are often the largest music shops in their community. Dottie’s provides curated collection of new and pre-owned Jewelry, and is a great alternative to traditional Jewelry retailers. It was important for us to highlight the different social media efforts of each brand.

Stay tuned, because we’ve been working on putting the entire Pawn 1 inventory online, and soon customers will be able to search and order merchandise directly from the website. We're really excited about it.

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